Our Process

Sovic Method

It begins with client discovery. We understand that the client is the expert of his/her product and knows more about their intention than anyone. Before diving into any project, we spend a great deal of time learning everything we can about projections, successes, failures, and goals of the client. Once we have a plan, we begin brainstorming as a team to come up with the best solutions through sketches, word mapping, initial concept development, critiquing, and finally presenting our ideas. We believe that “good enough” is never good enough, so we employ a process that insures no stone goes unturned.

Embracing our clients

Our mission revolves around our clients. We believe in creating an environment where our relationship with a client and our understanding of their business will allow us to provide something better than a cookie cutter approach to satisfy their needs. We want to see  our clients happy – as cliche´as it may sound, we thrive to achieve just that. We love to challenge our clients,  grow with them,  shift gears when needed and to fully embrace the identity of their businesses. We love to explore any and every possibility to better their brand and achieve their goals. Our mission may be simple, but it is one we truly believe in.

Creative By Nature

We believe that creativity is the goal. Attacking real issues for real businesses with a creative approach is at the core of any project we undertake. Unleash your brand.

Design With Intention!

In an ever-changing industry, we see it as our duty to stay ahead of the curve to make sure that your business is relevant and your brand has the best practices in mind.

Pushing for the last 10%

Sometimes good isn’t good enough. In a culture where there is a lot of white noise when it comes to growing your brand, we strive to create something that has its own voice. Our process focuses on delivering a product that is beyond the average line. At the end stage of each project, we review our process to see if what we have created has reached its max potential. Did we achieve that last 10%…the one extra color option, a different logo variation or another complete different approach to a solution we thought was the one. We leave no stone unturned. A service with purpose is one that must consider all things for the benefit of your brand.